Collection: adidas Spikes

Shop for adidas spikes here at Start Fitness today and get great prices on these expertly designed sports shoes. Adidas is a brand known for its high quality, innovative design and style, so it’s no wonder that there are so many great options for spike shoes.

Browse the range of adidas running spikes at Start Fitness and get the perfect pair for your next sprint or cross country race. Why use running spikes? Running spikes are designed to help you run faster on certain types of surfaces, especially on uneven terrain. There are different spikes for various types of running, such as track or cross country, and the extra grip provided is also useful in other sports like long jump and even golf.

Many adidas running spike models, such as the much-loved adidas Sprintstar and the Adizero, include compression tiered spikes and a spike key for extra comfort. The inside of many adidas running spike shoes is also made from Microsuede, which provides great comfort while also reinforcing support in the areas that get most repeated pressure while you’re running. This combination of materials really adds to the comfort factor of these shoes and makes them a durable choice for training.

As well as stocking adidas track spikes and more in this collection, we also offer our full adidas collection and even an adidas outlet in case you want to snap up some bargains. For keen runners, we offer a full running range, including our full collection of spikes so you can find the perfect pair from brands like Puma, as well as particular models like the adidas Rio spikes. And for runs that don’t need spikes, our running footwear collection has you covered.

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