Collection: adidas Duramo

Adidas Duramo is an affordable, quality range from Adidas that provides the perfect balance between having both great sports footwear and a manageable price tag. These trainers are also extremely durable and versatile, and can be worn for running, as well as gym sessions and classes. So, if you’re looking for footwear that will help you maintain an overall active lifestyle, this could be the trainer for you.

The Adidas Duramo range is perfect for affordable activewear, and here Start Fitness we offer everything from the Adidas Duramo SL to the Lite options, so you can choose the right trainers for you. The Duramo SL has a midsole made from the EVA blend Lightmotion, which delivers perfect cushioning for your feet as you take your daily run. It also has a full outsole to offer traction and durability as well as comfort. These are excellent shoes for amateur runners and can be used for your weekly gym class too.

If you’re looking for something even more versatile, the Adidas Duramo trainers  range also offers great everyday running shoes, with some coming with more minimalistic designs meaning they can be worn casually or even with workwear. If you enjoy the comfort of trainers for running errands and working, then this shoe can take you all the way from your workday to your running route.

As well as offering Adidas Duramo women’s and men’s options, we also offer even more men’s and women’s running shoes from Adidas and a variety of other brands, including Nike, Asics and Brooks. You can also browse our full running range, which includes clothing, footwear and accessories, to find everything that you need to get going on your route.

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