A Beginner’s Guide to Hyrox Training

A Beginner’s Guide to Hyrox Training

From professional athletes to everyday fitness enthusiasts, Hyrox is a global fitness race for everybody. Hosting over 40 races worldwide in 2023, the hype around Hyrox has never been bigger. Combining running and functional workouts, Hyrox has become a hugely popular form of exercise with over 90,000 athletes taking part last year.

Taking place in large indoor venues worldwide, spectators and participants gather to be a part of this event and create a stadium-like atmosphere. The Hyrox race format is consistent across the globe, which has enabled global leaderboards and World Championships to be created each year. If this event sounds like something you would be interested in taking part in, keep reading as we break down what Hyrox is all about and how you can start training to get involved and become part of the #HYROXFAMILY.

What is a Hyrox workout?


A Hyrox workout is a form of HIIT that includes a 1km run and 1 functional workout that is then repeated 8 times, with a different functional exercise each time. The Hyrox workout does not need to be completed under any specific time limit, meaning that people of any fitness level are able to take part. This workout can also be completed solo, as a pair or in a relay race group of 4, making it a fun group activity. 

What are the 8 stations in Hyrox?


Between each 1km run, there are 8 different functional workout stations that include the following exercises:


  • 1000m SkiErg - This first functional exercise is an ergometer that predominantly targets the arm, shoulder and core muscles but when done efficiently can also engage the lower body, making it a full-body workout.

  • 50m Sled push - This exercise targets the lower body muscles, including the entire posterior chain, core and anterior thigh muscles. This can be a challenging exercise and one that you should add to your training regime before taking part in the race. 

  • 50m Sled pull - This uses your whole body to pull the sled you just pushed back to its starting position. Make sure for both sled exercises you have particularly grippy shoes to aid your stability.

  • 80m Burpee broad jumps - This is another full-body functional exercise that gets your heart rate up. It’s like a traditional burpee, except you jump forward with each rep to hit the 80m mark.

  • 1000m Rowing - This exercise is the second ergometer of the race and uses mainly your upper body and core to get your heart rate up. This also signifies the beginning of the second phase of your race.

  • 200m Farmers carry - This next move focuses on engaging your upper back, core and grip strength and requires you to carry heavy weights by your side while travelling for 200m.

  • 100m Sandbag lunges - This exercise predominately targets your glutes and requires you to hold a sandbag of 10, 20 or 30 kilograms on your back whilst lunging for 100m.

  • 75/100 Wall balls - Finally, this exercise again targets the whole body and requires you to throw a weighted ball up at a target on the wall and squat down as you catch the ball, then repeat for 75 to 100 reps.

  • Due to its functional fitness nature, Hyrox is often compared to Crossfit, however, the two sports are quite different. The main difference is that Hyrox is a standardised event, meaning the workout never changes, making it generally easier to train for and more evident in the progress you are making as your finish time for the full race improves. Whereas, Crossfit workouts change daily, and you often won’t know which workouts to expect until the day comes.

    Another key difference between these two workouts is that Hyrox focuses heavily on running, with 8km of running in total each session, whereas Crossfit does not feature much of this exercise. In addition to this, the average length of a Crossfit session is approximately 20 minutes long, compared to the more lengthy time of Hyrox which is about 1.5 hours or 1 hour for those in the Hyrox Elite 15 group.

    The exercises for each of these competitions are also vastly different. Hyrox exercises have been chosen specifically for them to be accessible to everyone, at any fitness level, making each move relatively safe and simple to perform, without a large amount of complex skill needed. Opposite to this, Crossfit consists of more technical functional exercises that often include gymnastic-type movements and Olympic lifts with heavy barbells. These types of exercises require proper form, skill and years of practice to prevent potential injury before attempting it competitively. 


    How long does it take to train for a Hyrox race?


    Although Hyrox has been created as a fitness race for everybody, it still requires some level of training and preparation in both strength and endurance before taking part. Hyrox is an intense event that tests your endurance, therefore it is necessary to train beforehand to minimise the risk of injury and maximise your performance.

    The length of time it should take to train for a Hyrox will vary depending on your base level of fitness. If you are already an avid runner or gym-goer, then you may find it easier to take part without changing too much of your existing exercise routine. However, if you’re new to fitness or have little experience in these exercises, a comprehensive training plan will be required. 

    Ideally, we would recommend training for a minimum of 12 weeks to make sure that you are well-prepared to take on the Hyrox challenge. However, if you can commit to training consistently 3 to 4 times per week, then 8 weeks of training may be sufficient.

    It’s important to remember that Hyrox is 50% running based, therefore it is important to build up your running stamina as well as strength training. We would suggest building a personalised Hyrox training plan for you to stick to in the weeks leading up to the race so that you can track your progress and stay consistent.

    What are the benefits of Hyrox?


    Hyrox not only challenges your endurance, strength and cardiovascular fitness but it is also a great test of your mental power. There are many physical and mental benefits to taking part in a Hyrox race that doesn’t just centre around fitness.

    Improve your athletic performance

    The training process for Hyrox requires you to practise a variety of functional exercises in combination with intense cardio training which all come together to help improve your athletic ability overall, even after the Hyrox race.

    Aid in fat loss

    Although fat loss is not the aim of Hyrox training, it can be an additional benefit. Due to the intense mix of cardio and strength training, the process of training for Hyrox can help you burn a lot of calories and in turn put you in a calorie deficit, if that is something you are working towards. If this is not a goal of yours, then ensuring you incorporate the appropriate nutrition to support you through your training is important. 

    Introduce you to new, like-minded people

    Hyrox events are a chance to be sociable and get to know other people who share the same fitness goals as you. On the day of the competition, there will be hundreds of spectators cheering you on as well as like-minded individuals taking part in the race alongside you. 

    Benefit your everyday physical movements and mental clarity

    Training for this challenge will help you to gradually improve your base level of fitness and help improve your mobility which contributes to everyday tasks. Exercising this consistently can also have a positive effect on your mental health and working towards and achieving the end goal can also positively impact your confidence and overall mental wellbeing.

    Train for the next Hyrox race with Start Fitness


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