• S29041-6-11.5

Saucony Kilkenny XC 7 Cross Country Running Spikes - Red

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The all-new Saucony Kilkenny XC Mens Cross Country Running Spike is not only the most comfortable cross country shoe on the market, but the superior fit will have you dominating this cross country season.

  • Event: Cross Country
  • Surfaces: Grass, Trail, Gravel
  • Lightweight FLEXFILM overlays sprovide structure and support
  • 4-pin Pebax® spike plate
  • Weight: 5.8 oz. | 164 g.


Product Code S29041-6-11.5
Brand Saucony
Colour Red
Manufacturer Colour Red / Black
Gender Unisex
Season Autumn / Winter 2019
Footwear Type Cross Country Spikes


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Customer Reviews

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Looked good, but problems with spikes screw-in!

Bought these as a functional looking pair of new XC spikes for my son to ave race his end-of- season main XC races in UK (UK Champs/Intercounties and ESAA Championships). It was an extra 18 Birthday gift... and the red colour would match his all red county vest !He liked the look and feel of them at once. and they went back into the box ready for a pre-race warm-up session on the country in early March 2020. s the spikes were put in - 15 mm ones not provided - it was soon obvious they would not tighten up, but kept turning without securing - so not to waste time, they were put to one side and older spikes readied for use.Later/next day as a test, I (with a bit of difficulty as the screw threads might "thread") - removed the 15mm spikes and began to insert the 9mm ones that came with this XC running shoe.To my surprise these almost all secured ok - but one did not - I assumed the previous attempt had threaded the spike thread. On close examination I noted 2 significant things:1. The 9mm spikes provided by Saucony had a very slightly deeper (1mm) screw-in thread than the 15mm spikes I had tried first to insert2. Each spoke screw-in location had a black rubber o ring at the top of the screw in plate - I summised that this feature meant the longer screw thread was needed to secure the spikesHowever - I returned the Spikes as faulty as the 9mm spikes provided were not suitable for a very muddy/wet XC course - and there was no information with the product to indicate/warn the user that an optimal screw-thread in on spikes used was necessary to secure them!I hope this helps!PS. I first used Running Spikes for Track and XC in the early 1980s - and had many pairs. My view is that certain running spikes characteristics today have improved, but some, like spike plate integrity and durability of machined components have not...