Collection: Activity Trackers

Shop activity trackers here at Start Fitness and get ready to record your personal best. With a range of popular brands like Stryd and Polar available, you’ll find the best activity tracker watch to keep you pushing for new heights whether you’re running, cycling, or swimming. Shop now to enjoy our price match promise and choice of flexible payment plans.

If you’re searching for a new activity tracker, the Stryd Footpod is the most advanced wearable running technology currently available. Even more accurate than a GPS watch, some of its many in-depth metrics include running power, leg spring stiffness, ground time, vertical oscillation, pace, and distance. Not only this, but with a new Stryd Footpod we also include a free 6-month membership to Stryd PowerCenter.

When looking for your next activity tracker watch, you’ll need something lightweight yet high performance enough to capture a whole range of body metrics. For instance, the Polar Unite fitness watch is a conventional, well-rounded model that measures everything from calories burned to detailed sleep insights — all within a sleek wristwatch design. Alternatively, if you prefer wearing your tracker on your chest, try the Wahoo fitness tracker for super-accurate heart rate readings and the freedom to run without a phone.

If you like to keep a detailed track of your workouts, be sure to check out our range of GPS watches and cycling GPS computers. Pair these with high-performance running clothing and footwear from iconic brands like Adidas, Brooks, and Asics, and you’ll be ready to smash your personal best in no time.

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